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Custom web design, interactive web application development and search engine optimization since 2001.

BoomClient is a Jacksonville web design company. We began originally back in November, 2001 as Vision Networks and have grown over the years to become one of Jacksonville's leading web site design, web application development and SEO companies.

Back in 2003, with the Internet rapidly growing into the business community. The decision was made to no longer provide business phone and Internet services, in place of these services Vision Networks would focus exclusively on web design, web application development with managed hosting and support services. Our commitment to provide a complete web site design and support program was reinforced by a significant investment in and maintaining the industry's most advanced web design and development software, as well as our web hosting, testing and development platforms at one of Jacksonville's leading Internet Data Centers; www.Peak10.com. Since then, Vision Networks, now BoomClient would perform all web site and web based application design and development in-house, a commitment we maintain to this day, in spite of fierce competition from offshore web site developers, and the numerous "Free" web site solutions available to businesses today.

When we changed our company name to BoomClient, LLC in 2009, we did so as a result of our growing concern that the name "Vision Networks" no longer accurately portrayed our company and our services. We selected "BoomClient" as a name that would reflect our interest in helping our clients achieve their ultimate goal to "Grow", (Boom) their "Customer Base", (Client) online using the incredible reach and power of the Internet.

Today we are quite proud to offer our clients a sophisticated suite of services and ongoing support specifically created to help our clients establish a very strong Internet presence and online sales strategy. We offer a complete web site design program and interactive web application development services that include literally everything needed to design, develop, support and market great web sites and web applications. As a result of our SEO efforts both during the design and development of our client's web sites and through our long term "Intensive Search Engine Optimization Strategies", the web sites we create, be them custom or even WordPress, CMS Framework web sites, consistently achieve and maintain top level search engine rankings and have dramatically increased business for our clients. And this is not an empty claim, at any given moment, we can show a potential new client numerous web sites that we have achieved and maintain top level rankings in Google, in a variety of industries.

Our "complete" web design and development solutions coupled with our long term hosting, support and online marketing programs make us a web site design firm to strongly consider partnering with. And we would greatly appreciate your consideration. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to discussing how we can help you successfully market your company online! Schedule a free consultation with our web design / development or SEO team and we will help you properly and cost effectively bring your web site goals to reality.

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