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CMS Web Design in Jacksonville

Content Management Systems allow you to Manage Your Own Web Site!

Almost all of our web design customers originally became our clients because they did not know how or were not interested in trying to design and develop their own web site. However many of our clients needed the ability to make numerous updates to the information in their web site to update time sensitive information, post new documents for download, update live calendars, add new user accounts, etc. In order to provide them with the tools they needed and create a manageable web site that they could keep up to date, we developed their web site with CMS capabilities (Content Management System). A CMS web site offers a secure admin console that is user friendly and allows one to add, edit, and update various areas of their web site without our assistance.


CMS Web Design Options

Our web design solutions are always tailored to meet each client's unique needs. And when a CMS or Content Management web site is required, we are able to provide these types of web site administrative feature in a variety of different ways:

WordPress Framework

WordPress has quickly become a very good options for clients who need a web site that they can completely manage. A WordPress Web Site is comprised to two primary components; The "WordPress Framework", think of this as the frame of a building or house. And the "Theme". The theme is the skin or look and feel with all of the fonts, electronic forms, and a host of features and widgets that make up the look and feel, and the functionality of the site.

The Admin Console of a WordPress Web Site is a part of its theme and allows for control of all of the features available in the theme that is selected. Adding new pages, control of features on pages, and of course the ability to edit titles and text content are just a few of the capabilities available in most theme admin consoles.

It is worth noting that you will need a little bit of coaching from us after we assemble your new WordPress Web Site. While the admin features offer extensive control of how your site looks and operates, it is often very complicated due to how advanced today's themes are. Some would have you believe that managing a Wordpress Web Site is like editing a Word Document on your computer... It is much, much more.


Custom Admin Consoles and CMS web site Design

While WordPress Web Sites offer vast web site editing capabilities, this is not always required or the best solution. When customer login features, private portals for members or employees, e-commerce solutions and other complex coding is required to create very specific feature functionality, we often program and create a very customized web site with admin features that give control and management capabilities to specific areas of the site only. A custom admin console can be created that allows you to very easily edit and manage aspects of your site or its users the way you need to rather than trying to make a pre-build solution fit your unique requirements.


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Or, you might want to simply give us a call to discuss a web design idea that you have. We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and provide any information you might need about our Jacksonville Web Design Services.

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