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Most often e-commerce web design is used to refer to the sale of goods on the Internet through the use of a shopping cart. While this is probably the most common form of
e-commerce, shopping cart software can be extremely versatile and can perform monetary transactions online for many reasons.

Here are just a few examples of how e-commerce web site design can be a valuable tool in online business commerce:

  • Purchasing Services Online
  • Online Registrations for Sporting or Entertainment Events
  • Online Charitable Contributions for Churches and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Collect Dues and Membership Payments Online
  • Online Products Sales
  • Collect Recurring Monthly Fees for Services or Licenses Online

How E-commerce Works

The term e-commerce is used to describe, in-general, a financial online transaction. On a side note, e-business is a term generally used to describe the myriad of ways businesses interact with each other via the internet that does not involve a monitory transaction. But back to e-commerce and the details of how it actually works...

There are of course a number of ways the components needed to perform an online transaction can be organized or marketed by the many companies that provide these types of services, but fundamentally, it's a good idea to understand the pieces that make
e-commerce work if you are considering the use of e-commerce functionality in your web site.

There are three primary components needed to perform an E-commerce transaction:

Shopping cart Software: Shopping cart software is software that is usually purchased (we use digiSHOP in most instances due to it being a PHP based shopping cart platform which we can customize extensively) The primary task of shopping cart software is to allow a visitor to browse and select an item, service, register for an event, make a donation, etc., place it in their "Cart" and proceed to check out where they will actually complete their purchase. This is where the next component comes into play...

A Payment Gateway: A Payment gateway securely communicates the online purchasers credit card information and the amount of their purchase to the next component....

Your Merchant Services Provider: These are the folks that most business owners know to be the people behind the little credit card terminals that often accompany any retailer's cash register. The merchant Services Provider actually performs the charge to the purchaser's credit or debit card with Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, and American Express, collects an authorization from the credit card provider to transfer the funds into your Business Checking Account, which is the last link in the process.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of turnkey e-commerce solutions for you to choose from, and many that can be implemented with a basic understanding of web design or if you are maintaining your own web site, and have the time. However, for those who wish to seamlessly integrate a shopping cart into their web site, and fully customize it, we can help.

At BoomClient, we specialize in custom e-commerce solutions that help our clients do more business online and make the most out of their web sites. If you would like more information, contact BoomClient and find out how we can help you with your e-commerce requirements. We'll explain everything.

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