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Intensive Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Services

What Are "Intensive" Search Engine Optimization Services?

We want each and every one of our clients to appear in the top, or #1 positions of the major search engines. In most industries today and with respect to most key phrases, this is not going to happen without a well organized plan or strategy and some serious effort. This is why we offer Intensive SEO Services. Intensive SEO is how we refer to a consistent and aggressive plan to adjust every aspect of your web site that matters with respect to optimization, and discuss it and create links back to it from as many other related blogs, web sites, directories, etc., as we can find on the Internet, and do so about, and to every public page and section of your site weekly, and in some instances daily.


How Intensive Search Engine Optimization Works

We begin by identifying the goals for your company

By identifying your goals, we get a better understanding of what goals you are looking to achieve. If your company sells widgets and gadgets but you are more interested in increasing sales of widgets rather than gadgets because the profit margins are better, we need to know this. Armed with this type of detailed information about your objectives, your Dedicated Search Engine Consultant at BoomClient will be much more prepared and capable of executing a well planned SEO strategy that achieves the results you are expecting.


Keyword and Key Phrase Identification

A critical first step in Intensive Search Engine Optimization is the identification of your Keywords and Key Phrases. We help you identify the top key phrases by utilizing several tools. By identifying the most used key phrases and evaluating the competitive use of those key phrases, we will gain the information necessary to make an educated decision on which keywords and key phrases to incorporate into our optimization strategy for your web site.


The Ground Work

If you have an existing web site, we will evaluate it in great detail and test its performance or rankings with respect to your goals and your industry's top key phrases (noted above), in order to begin to develop a strategy. Sometimes optimizing an existing web site calls for restructuring and completely reorganizing a web site. If we feel this is necessary, we will explain in detail why we believe it is necessary and how "restructuring" your web site can be accomplished seamlessly without disruption of your current "look and feel", that is if you prefer not to redesign your web site.

If we are developing a new web site for you, the "Structure" of your new web site will be based on the project's site diagram, which will automatically include a proper SEO based consideration for the "Structure" of your new web site. As we mentioned earlier, Basic SEO is a part of every web site we build.


SEO Begins - The Initial Burst

We use many different strategies and techniques when performing intensive Search Engine Optimization. Your Strategy will be developed and governed by your goals and objectives. Exactly what this involves will vary from project to project. We will go into great detail with you in person and with respect to your site once we have a change to review it. But for the sake of this conversation, it is safe to assume that we will most likely completely recompose most of your web site's text content, adjust and rewrite your web site's meta tags, and adjust and address twenty to forty other "Things" on every page of your web site that for proprietary reasons, we will not be discussing here. (We have competitors too). We will also build the value of your web site by blogging, and through the use of social media venues such as facebook.com and Linkedin.com, and create directory listings with links back to your web site. All of this initial adjusting will (in every case so far) cause a big bounce up in your overall rankings.


SEO Continues - A Sustained SEO Effort Means Consistent Improvement and Higher Rankings

One thing that we have learned in our experience in working so closely with search engines is that a particular search engine may love a particular factor of SEO one minute and find it less important the next. This is why we continually monitor your site's search engine rankings, as well as your visitor traffic. We are constantly on watch for any movement in your rankings for each of the key phrases we are optimizing for, up or down. Again, since there is no official instruction manual on SEO, we can only follow our experience and known good practices (in general) and then monitor the results of our efforts. When rankings go up we adjust a bit more, if they go down, we back out the last adjustment and go in a different direction. The goal is to continually adjust, refine, (keeping the site "fresh" and improving its "value") and increasing its perceived popularity with links from other web sites and conversation about your site around the Internet.

In conjunction with continued maintenance and regular monitoring of your web site, the Search Engine Optimization staff at BoomClient strives to stay abreast the latest changes and trends in the the Search Engine Optimization industry. We do this by revisiting our Strategy for your site every few months and reviewing if your particular "plan of action" or "strategy" is yielding acceptable results.

Contact BoomClient today to receive a custom quote or for more information regarding our Intensive Search Engine Optimization Services. We look forward to working with you and your web site.

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