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Jacksonville Multimedia Production

Multimedia Web Design and Development in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Multimedia production by BoomClient

Multimedia is a term is generally used to describe animation or motion graphics coupled with audio / video and also music; the combination or integration of multiple forms of media to convey your message. We use each of these forms of media to design and develop web based commercials and advertisements, online training videos, infomercials, product demonstrations and for a host of other purposes.

At BoomClient we use multimedia primarily for web design and the production of portable media presentations. However, our production staff is very talented and well equipped to produce everything from corporate meetings to high-energy advertisements. Contact us to learn more about how we can add the power and effectiveness of Multimedia to your web site.

Additional Multimedia Solutions available at BoomClient:

  • Web based Commercials & Advertisements
  • Web Site | DVD Infomercials
  • Online Training | Education Online and Portable Media
  • Product Presentations | Demonstrations
  • Corporate Training & Meetings


Multimedia Case Study:


Marco Ophthalmic is an international manufacturer of ophthalmic diagnostic and testing equipment. They needed to create a way for their clients to learn how to use and be fully trained on the features and benefits of their diagnostic equipment they purchased without having to travel to Marco's corporate training facility. Marco also wanted to help their area sales managers and corporate trainers improve the overall training experience for the customers.

The solution was to create a secure, multimedia based traing center "The Marco Online Training Center". The Marco Online Training Center is online product training platform that allows customers access via the Internet, whenever and wherever they are, any time of day. Their customers simply login with their unique login credentials, select the particular diagnostic equipment they wish to learn about, and they are presented with a collection of movies that introduce the machine, how to operate it, and how to use it to perform all of the diagnostic tests the machine is capable of.

The Marco Online Training Center has greatly improved Marco's ability to provide a premium level of online training and support to every customer who purchases over twenty different types of equipment.

Watch the Introduction to The Marco Online Training Center below:

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