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What is Social Media Marketing?
And why is it so important to Business Marketing Online?

Social Media is now playing a major role in search engine optimization. Not only are some social media sites directly connected to major search engines, (and they weigh their social media content very heavily on rankings) Search Engines also view social media as a way of staying connected to what "Currently" has the attention of Internet users. And with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, "Word-of-Keyboard" (The new "Word-of-Mouth") has become one of the most important aspects of online marketing.

What exactly is Social Media

Social Media is the term that has been given to the idea of being social, (publicly) on the Internet. Creating an account on one of the many social media sites on the Internet and posting comments, opinions, pictures, video clips, that others can see and comment on. These web sites have a variety of features that allow you to form groups and so on to further foster the socially online concept. If you do not have a facebook account, or read blogs, or have a twitter account. Social Media may not be so familiar to you. But make no mistake, it has become highly popular and it's continuing to grow and become more diverse by the day. As of January 2014, Facebook alone was averaging 1.23 Billion monthly users! And as of January, 2015 Twitter had 288 million monthly active users. Pretty astonishing growth when you consider that Facebook began in 2004 and Twitter began in 2006.

How can my business benefit by using Social Media?

First you have to understand what you can typically do as a user of social media. The typical social media web site account allows the account holder to do a few key things that make social media so valuable to Social Media Marketing.

  • Friend Someone: This means you are giving another account holder the ability to see most of what you do with your account; your posts, your photos, everything you post. As a friend of someone, everything they post shows up in your account, because you are their friend.
  • Like a Friend's Post: If you think a Friend's post would be interesting to your Friends, you can like or retweet the post and it will show up in all of your Friends accounts.
  • Follow: Account holders can elect to follow another account holder and see their public posts, and if they choose, like any post so their Friends will see it.

Starting to get the idea. Social Media Marketing is not just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account, it is using that account to post information, imagery and video designed to encourage people to follow you, and "Like" in order for your post to be seen by all of their friends, and then be "Liked" by all of those people so all of their Friends will see it, and so on. You have probably heard the term "Going Viral". When something you post is liked, and liked, and liked by thousands of people and ends up showing up on hundreds of thousands of account holders pages. This is going viral. What if your business posted something that was interesting enough to your friends and followers that it went Viral...

Improving your over all "Internet Presence"

With respect to SEO, social media has become a valuable addition to your over all Internet Presence. We call it being a good Internet Citizen. As a business, you are not only marketing your company, all owners are proud of the idea that they are contributing to the betterment of peoples lives. Social Media is an extension of this into the online world. If you could share a bit of advice, provide helpful information, or offer a special price to your social media followers and friends, you are creating value. And by connecting your web site with your social media accounts, you have extended the value of your web site into the world of Social Media, a world the search engines are paying close attention to.

The pure and simple goal of social media marketing is to post valuable, informative and even clever or funny content that communicates your message in the hope of building your friends and followers who will "Like" and "Retweet" your posts, so that all of their Friends and followers will see it. And with roughly 80% of social media users logging in on with portable devices, a great post can be seen by hundreds of people minutes, and if it is great, possibly even go viral!


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