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Social Media Marketing is gaining much attention in web design. With the quick rise of social media and its current popularity across all age groups, it is wise to include social media in most web sites. And with the features and functionality the top social media sites make available, integrating social media into your web site goes without say.

Why is Social Media
so Important to Your Web Site's Success?

The underlying power of social media is that in all aspects, it tends to be very current. Social media content on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn just to name a few, tends to be and express what is currently happening with people and businesses. Both business and individual social media users, continually update their pages with comments and photos on what currently has their interest. Business social media content tends to address and discuss current industry trends and the general attitude of the respective industries, as well as the issues that are effecting them positively and negatively. Given this, it is easy to see why the search engines are paying such close attention to social media.

There is another side to social media that we like to refer to as being a "Good Internet Citizen", and how it represents, (possibly without knowing it) your effort to make the Internet a better place for everyone. A well built, fully optimized web site that is full of useful and valuable information, that is easy to use, and helps visitors find the information they are looking for is without question the best way to operate a web site to market your companies products and services. But because of the attention social media is garnering, web sites who integrate social media into their web sites are creating more interactive, more current, and thus a more valuable over all web presence. Communicating your messages through multiple distribution points; your web site, Facebook page, Youtube channel, Twitter account, and other social sites makes your over all value as a source for information online in your respective industry more valuable than your competitors who are not as "Social".


How We Develop More Social Web Sites

When we develop new web sites, and when we update or redesign web sites for our clients, we explain why social media has become so important and how important it is to developing and maintaining a competitive web presence. If our clients do not have the primary social media accounts set up, we help them create their accounts so that we can integrate them into their new web site. If you do not already have social media accounts set up, you should strongly consider creating a Facebook page, a Google+ page, a Youtube Channel, and a Twitter account at minimum. You cannot add social media to your web site if you do not have any social media accounts.

Once you have a few social media accounts, we can use the widgets and tools the different social media sites have made available to pull your over all web presence together. Below are just a few of the tools that allow us to integrate your social media account into your web site:

  • Facebook "Like" button
  • Facebook "Follow us on Facebook"
  • Google + button to "Like your site on Google"
  • Google Site Search tool
  • Twitter "Follow Us on Twitter"
  • Youtube link to your Youtube Channel

    • In addition to these widgets and features that help your site's visitors benefit from all of the information you post on the web and engage your customers more, there are other features we can add to your web site to further improve it's value:

      • RSS Feeds that bring in current news about your industry
      • Calling your Blog posts into your web site
      • Polls and Surveys
        • Call us to learn more about how we improve web site rankings with Social Media! We look forward to speaking with you.

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