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As a Jacksonville web design firm, our goal has always been to design and construct truly unique and successful web sites web design that makes your visitors stop and say Wow! And that also reach their intended audience by ranking very well in the search engines. And we have been able to accomplish these goals through the skills of our experienced and innovative web design team, we provide our clients with web sites and web apps that look great, are easy to us, and that consistently achieve top search engine rankings..

Our "common sense" approach to web site design is one reason why we are so well-received by our web site clients and continually receive repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations from them. We understand that individuals and companies that need a web site, don't just need a web site or web based applications developed, they need assistance with every aspect of having that web site created properly with a long term plan to manage and continue to improve their web presence. Business never stands still, and your web site shouldn't either.


Web Site Design Solutions
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Explore everything here at BoomClient.com! Learn the details of our web design process below, read about our web hosting and management services, and how we support great web sites and web apps. Get more information on our SEO experts and how we monitor and improve web site performance. And learn more about search engines and how they work. We've been creating successful web sites for over 14 years. And we've learned a lot that we like to share with you!


How We Build Great Web Sites

Web Design Projects & Process | Pre-Design Layout and Planning

The first step in designing a great web site is for us to understand your objective. In other words, the "purpose" of your web site. Our goal is to design a web site that drives visitor traffic from your target audience or market.

Website Project Diagram - Click to enlargeDuring the initial meeting, we identify your goals and objectives, how you perceive your company compared to your competitors, and the message you wish to convey to those who will see and use your web site. After forming a clear understanding, we consult with you regarding the subject matter of your new web site, what image and text content will be needed, downloadable documents and interactive features, essentially everything that will make up your new web site. With this information, we will create your "Project Diagram" - a blue print or plan for the construction of your web site or web application.

The Project Diagram is a very important document that fully describes every aspect of your web site. The Project Diagram accompanies the project "Statement of Work". The Statement of Work details the project time lines and milestones, due dates, deliverables, project costs, and more. The statement of work is our agreement. It also provides you with a complete understanding of what will be involved and required by you and BoomClient in order to properly complete your project on time and within budget.


The Process of Designing, Coding and Optimizing
Your New Web Site.

Our Refined Process of Web Site Design and Development

Throughout our web design and development process, you will meet and be introduced to different members of our Jacksonville based web design staff. Your project coordinator serve as your primary contact, but our experienced designers, programmers and search engine optimization specialists will actually perform the following task necessary to complete a well planned, professional web site that will achieve quality search engine rankings.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of any web site design that hopes to achieve good search engine rankings. SEO must be considered at every stage of design and development.
  • Graphic Design: Graphics development can take two roads. If your web site is a custom web design, our graphic web designers work closely with you to create a unique look and feel that will truly differentiate your new web site from your competitors web sites. If you have chosen to use a pre-designed theme or template, our graphic designers will work with you to adjust the aspects of that theme or template to your liking and prepare for it for the content to be added.
  • Web Site Programming: Upon receiving your approval of the design of your new web site, our programmers begin coding. During programming code is created to assure that your new web site is compatible in all web browsers and devices such as cellular phones and tablets. In this phase of development, our web site programmers also create needed electronic forms, dynamic and animated features such as scrolling header images, scrolling testimonials, accordion features that expand to reveal additional content, as well as all data bases and data driven features and associated administrative features.
  • Content Development: Throughout the Design and Programming phases above, our copy writers will work with you to collect all of your information, rewrite and optimize all text content, and organize it for the pages of your new web site. Our Content Specialists and Search Engine Optimization Specialists work closely to achieve this and to guarantee that your content is completely optimized.
  • Domain Name, Web Hosting and E- mail setup: After your web site is completed and fully tested, our technical support staff will prepare our web servers for hosting your site. Adjustments will be made to your domain name records, and your new web site is loaded to the web servers and become live. A final check is performed to verify that all links feature and functionality is performing correctly under your domain name. E-mail can be set up with your own domain name prior to, or at the time that your new web site is made live.
  • Launch Day: The day your new web site is launched, you will receive a document with all technical information including passwords, info about your domain name and where it is hosted, special URL's, as well as a complete copy of your entire web site including all source files that were created on DVD. We hold no rights, licenses or otherwise control your web site after it is completed. After it is completed and live your web site and all related files and licenses including your domain name are yours!

Our mission is to create web sites that are designed for ease of use, very attractive and professional looking, coded with the latest standards and to function properly on all devices, thoroughly optimized, and are extremely friendly to and communicate properly with search engines. Our commitment to quality coupled with our highly-experienced, close team of web designers, programmers, content specialists, and seo experts employ only the best practices and closely coordinate during web site design projects to do what we love to do; create great web sites! This is the primary reason why the web sites we create consistently increase business for our clients and out-perform their competitors.

We guarantee that you will enjoy the experience of working with our team and the knowledge you will gain as we work with you to create the web site you envision. Give us a call to discuss your ideas. A conversation will quickly give you the confidence that we are a web design firm that should be seriously considered for your new web site. Schedule a free consultation by calling 904-482-0246 in Jacksonville, or tool free at 877-310-BOOM (2666).


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