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Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing for a Powerful Web Site

Why Your Web Site Needs SEO & SEM

When it comes to your web site, do you ever wonder...

  • How do I increase traffic to my web site?
  • How can I target my online market more effectively?
  • How can I gain visibility in the top search engines?
  • What exactly makes one web site rank better than another?

At BoomClient, we know the answers to these questions and can clearly explain them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been around since the inception of search engines. However the proper use of SEO Strategies or "White Hat" SEO and SEM has become very important to the success of any web site. And because we have been practicing proper seo for over 10 years, and have had the opportunity to see the results of our SEO efforts across 100's of web sites that we have designed and optimized, we are very well versed in what works and what does not when it comes to SEO.


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Don't have time to read up on our SEO services? Just call us toll free at 1-877-310-BOOM (2666) or in Jacksonville at 904-482-0246 for immediate assistance! We serve all of Jacksonville, Florida as well as a few national and international clients with our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services! And we would be very interested in speaking with you about our SEO services.


SEO | Search Engine Optimization Services

The Definition of SEO and SEM

Put simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of applying certain strategies (whether it be organic or paid) to a web site to increase visibility within search engine results, for the purpose of attracting more visitor traffic to a web site.

An Overview of SEO & SEM Services.

To address what we have all heard way too much of; "We'll make your web site #1 in Google"... NO SEO company, not even us, can guarantee that your site will appear in the number one spot in Google, Period - but we will work very hard at getting that spot for you! And we often do. But instead of making empty promises, as many other so-called SEO / SEM companies do, we guarantee to increase the traffic to, and visibility of your web site within the top three Search Engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Every one of our clients have made it to the first page of Google, relatively fast after we apply our SEO strategy to their web sites, and of those listings that appear in the coveted top ten positions, most of those rankings are in the top five positions.

Certified SEO & SEM Services That Boost Your Business!

By applying our years of search engine optimization experience, and our SEO & SEM education that has produced verifiable results, we can indeed help your company's web site rankings and visibility. Our tried and true strategies not only improve the rankings and activity of every site we work on, they also serve to keep our clients rankings consistently high!

What You Should Know About Search Engine Optimization Services

We don't have a single magic bullet when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Because their isn't one. However, we do offer a very customized approach to all of our intensive SEO and SEM clients.

This includes hundreds of different custom techniques, adjustments and measuring tools that help us achieve our SEO goals and long term marketing objectives for your web site. Whether it's paid advertising, organic strategies or social media strategies, we offer a fully customizable approach to search engine optimization and search engine marketing unique to each client, and your seo strategy will be designed with one goal in mind; to help you beat your competition to the top!

Intensive Search Engine Optimization vs. Basic Search Engine Optimization

In order for us to sleep at night, we believe it is only right to perform basic SEO for all of our clients. What's the point of investing in a web site that no one will be able to find? When we design and develop a new web site. SEO is always a large part of the web design project. Basic SEO is just something we feel is the right thing to do. Basic SEO Includes keyword research and identification, meta tag optimization, considerable site inter-linking, and carefully composed and optimized, keyword-rich text content. This is not all of the basic SEO services we provide when building web sites either. We will cover that when we begin to plan your new web site with you.

For our intensive SEO customers, we offer considerably more attention?

Each month, we devote hours of intensive search engine optimization techniques for our monthly search engine optimization client's sites. Each site becomes our own as we perform a myriad of both small and significant SEO adjustments to their web site. We build credibility for their sites all over the Internet through social networking, managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and a host of other tasks that when performed properly, translate to very impressive rankings, dramatic increases in visitor activity, and more business!

Who Will Perform My Search Engine Optimization?

When you sign up for an Intensive Optimization program, you will work directly with a dedicated search engine optimization consultant based in Jacksonville. Our experience SEO consultants each have either certifications from search engine academies or a proven history of success within the SEO industry, and collaborate with each other daily on the latest industry trends and changes that affect our efforts. In order to provide the this level of service, you and your SEO consultant will review progress, address your concerns, and they will even teach you SEO and Social media techniques that you can perform. We're very serious about our effectiveness, your success and our reputation is on the line.

Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Results

You can expect to increase your visibility within each of the major search engines and also a significant increase in your visitor traffic. Through your custom SEO plan, your dedicated Search Engine Optimization consultant will employ several strategies that will increase your web site's visibility and traffic. Through keyword research, content development, monitoring, analytics tools and social media marketing, BoomClient search engine optimization and search engine marketing services consistently out perform our competitors and significantly improved the performance of our client's web sites.

Explore Our SEO & SEM Services

We encourage you to browse through our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services that we offer to our Jacksonville, Florida clients as well as nationally, to discover what we can do for you. Or feel free to call BoomClient or fill out our contact form regarding any of BoomClient?s services. We look forward to speaking with you!

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