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A flashy web site may look cool but if it doesn't find or capture your target audience and convert those visits into new customers, your web site may serve as little more than an expensive brochure that few people ever see. We understand this clearly, and feel it is one of the main reasons for our own success as well as the consistent success of our clients. We deliver custom and innovative web site designs that are not only unique and interesting, their focus is to effectively market your company by capturing the attention of your visitors, helping them quickly find the information they are looking for and providing numerous ways and reasons contact you.

And that is just the beginning. After completing the initial design, search engine optimization and development of your new web site, We will host and support your new web site on our secure hosting platform at Peak 10 Internet Data Center here in Jacksonville Florida, where we will take care of anything your web site needs. As the original designers and developers of your web site, we are of course the best people to help you manage its growth and help you keep it current.

There is no question that your company's web site is instrumental to your online success. And BoomClient has the experience and expertise to make your web site the highly-productive marketing and customer support tool that today's business standards require. Our in-house creative team develops and delivers end-to-end custom website designs and sophisticated web applications that work and work well. Every web site and web application that we develop is supported by our rock-solid hosting solution and our experienced technical support team. There are few other web site design and support programs in Northeast Florida as detailed and established as BoomClient. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let's discuss your new web site.

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A Refined Process for Creating Great Web Sites

Project Diagram | Technical Design Specifications:

The first step in designing a great web site is for us to clearly understand your objectives. In other words, the "purpose" of your web site. Our goal is to design a web site that not only exceeds your expectations, it must also achieve its objectives. Whether your objective is to sell a product or service, provide a suite of interactive client support services or features, or provide more effective internal operations that will allow your company to function more effectively. The objective of the project must be thoroughly explored and understood by our design team and planned before any design or development begins. Much like the blueprints for a new home, we will develop a "Project Diagram", or "Technical Design Specifications" depending on the type and complexity of your new web site. These plans then become part of your formal project quote.

Once we have completed the Project Diagram or Technical Design Specifications, we will use those details to prepare a Statement of Work. The statement of work contains all of the terms and deliverables of the project and addresses points such as, what you will be responsible to provide, possibly logo artwork, product images, descriptions of processes or products, etc. It will also include the project deliverables that we will be responsible for such as to design and develop photo galleries, online multimedia based training, administrative controls, accepting credit card payments and so on. The Statement of work will detail the hours required for each step of the project and the associated costs and payment terms that allows you to clearly see the costs of each area of the project. Our Statement of Work is composed to accurately detail every aspect of completing your new web site, the date of completion and the "fixed" cost of the project. This effectively eliminates any surprises and provides the client and us with a detailed plan for the creation of your new web site.


SEO | Search Engine Optimization Strategy Development

Search Engine Optimization is performed during every step of design and development:

The SEO strategy for your new web site is as important as the initial planning and project diagram. Make no mistake that your web site will not compete without the necessary research, planning and development of a solid SEO strategy. In this step our SEO team will identify how your target audience uses search engines to find the subject matter that will be included in your web site. With this information, an optimization strategy is developed to design the content of your web site around these "Key Phrases" and optimize everything from the text and images on every page, to how the site is coded so that it will be "SEO Friendly" to search engines and rank very well for the respective top performing key phrases that were selected. SEO Instructions for or design and development team is also prepared in this phase to maximize the optimization of your web site at every opportunity during design and coding.

Our practice and ongoing study of SEO coupled with the unique opportunity of witnessing the results of our efforts since we first began providing search engine optimization in 2005 has given us a very clear understanding of why it is so important to plan the SEO strategy before construction, rather than try to go back and optimize a web site after it is built. Incredible opportunities for optimization exist in absolutely every aspect of your web site, and thus throughout the entire development process, and we take advantage of every one of them.


Graphics & Text Content Design / Layout

The Design Phase is where we create the look and feel of your new web site:

Attractive and Easy to Use: An eye-catching web site design is very important given that you only have 2-3 seconds to capture the average surfer's attention. More important is how the site leads your visitors to what they are there for and how easily it is for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Much time will be spent creating valuable and informative text content that is easily accessible. Care will be given to well planned navigation, and graphic and text links used to move visitors through your site will be positioned where they are most likely to be seen.

Responsive Design for all Devices:With the rapid growth of portable devices that can connect to the Internet like tablets and cellular phones, web site have had to adapt. As a result, it has become very import to create a web site that is easily seen and used on any device one may use to view it. While one option is to create different web sites for each size of device or display screen, we prefer "Responsive" web design. This option allows your one main web site to dynamically resize itself for whatever screen size it is being viewed with.

Scalable Design Principles: We also consider the future. You'll expect your investment to last for many years, and over time your business will change, services will be added and removed, and the Internet will continue to change. Every aspect of your web site will be designed to be as "Scalable" as possible in order to allow for the adjustments and changes that will most certainly be needed over time.

Plan for Future Changes by Designing Smart: Many aspects of your web site will be the same on every page. For example, the main navigation, the heading, the footer, text colors and fonts, electronic contact forms, what text links look like and how they work, social media links, etc. Aspects of your site such as these are coded in a way that allows us to edit one main file quickly and efficiently, and apply the change to the entire web site instead of editing the same aspect on every individual page it appears on. It might take a little more effort initially for us to code your new web site this way but will save you substantially in the long run when changes are needed.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize! As we noted earlier, There is an SEO friendly way to address almost every aspect of your new web site. How the navigation is constructed, adding "Alt-Tags" and "Title-Tags" to every image, using <h1> tags correctly, embedding key phrases properly in the text copy of each page, interlink between pages within your web site to related areas, etc. These are just a very few examples of the extensive effort that goes into properly and completely optimizing your new web site. As a result it is a very necessary part of design and receives our full attention.


Programming and Feature Functionality

Where static web site page graphics become a functioning interactive web site:

Clean, Optimized Code Any professional programmer will tell you how important neatly organized and noted code is. Organized and properly noted code will allow updates and and future improvements to be performed and added easily and efficiently by other programmers, and will also reduce the possibility of errors when being viewed in all the different browsers and devices that are available today. Clean and proper coding is also an important part of SEO, and helping a web site perform well in the search engines. Google looks at much more than the text content of a web site. There are countless html tags, performance oriented programming languages, and organizational methods that should be used in programming and that will most certainly have an impact on how the site ranks in the search engines.

Coding for Performance Today web sites have to work well when viewed with a variety of different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and so on. And also on a wide variety of computer monitors, tablets and smart phones of all sizes. In programming, our programmers code web sites in ways that will assure that the site performs well with each of these browsers and devices. Our experience allows us to create highly interactive features that perform great in all current browsers and devices, and to assure that your web site will work properly in all current browsers and with all popular devices, and we perform browser tests on every web site we design and develop as a step in final proofing to be sure.


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Don't think you need to have your new web site completely thought through and planned out. It's hard to match our 14+ years of experience. Let our experts help you consider everything that is important in today's world of web site design. You'll learn much about why some things are important and others not so much. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation in Jacksonville at 904-482-0246, or Toll Free at 877-310-BOOM. We look forward to hearing your ideas!


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