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Online Training Web Design in Jacksonville

Train Employees and Customers Online, Create Online Courses and Testing and Educate Remotely with our Online Education and Training Web Design and Development Services.

Online Educational Web Design and Online Training web sites offer huge advantages to both the company or educational institution, and the trainee or student. With the features and functionally we are able to incorporate into an educational or product and equipment training web sites, or even an instructional web site, there are really no limits. The following are just a few of the types of educational and instructional web sites we have created:

  • Continuing Education Online Course Web Design and Developmentfor Industry Professionals who needed to earn yearly continuing educational credits, testing that required a minimum score to pass, and then issued an official course completion certification. The platform offered the administrator extensive details about the student, the time the student required to complete the course and test, their final test score, how many times they tested and when they received their graduation certificate.
  • Online Medical Terminology Education and Testing web design and development for Medtronic for medical equipment sales representatives.
  • Online Educational Web Design and Development for Marco Ophthalmic for medical equipment training and operational skills testing and certification.
  • Graduating High School Senior Online Assessment Testing Web Design and Development for California Department of Education The Platform tested students in Math, English, and Science. The platform provided administrators detailed student information, courses taken, time on course, number of times course was accessed and total time on course, along with detailed data on testing and pass and fail rates by student.

Online Training and Education is an extremely effective tool for circumstances where training and educating in person would be difficult and costly. Distance Learning can also enhance classroom education and training. And our skills and experience with custom programming and design of online educational, training and testing web sites have allowed us to work with many businesses and educational institutions to design online courses, educational web sites, and online testing for small and very, very large requirements.

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Online Training Web Design - Case Study

MARCO - Online Training Center

Online Training Web Design in Jacksonville by BoomClientMarco is an industry leader in Ophthalmic Vision Diagnostic Equipment. Based in Jacksonville Florida, Marco provides sophisticated Vision Diagnostic equipment to ophthalmic industry in Canada, the United States and throughout South America.

Their Request: Marco needed to train it's customers how to use the equipment it sold and supported without them having to travel to the customer's location or require their customer travel to the Marco headquarters for days of training. They wanted to be able to fully demonstrate how to properly use each of the different types of equipment online. This would allow their customer to simply login and receive detailed multimedia based training on every feature of the vision diagnostic equipment they owned whenever it was convenient for them.

Our Solution: "The Marco Online Training Center". The platform would need to be manageable by Marco staff who would set up and manage each customer's account giving them access to the machines they purchased. And since access to the training center would be subscription based, each of the training programs would need to automatically expire on a date set by the platform administrator. Since developing the training modules for each of the machines would be ongoing as Marco introduced new models, the platform would need to allow for the addition and deletion of machine training modules, so we created the "Construct". This would be the overall administrative control and framework for the member database and each of the equipment training modules. As a module was completed, it would be announced to the customer base and loaded for use as requested. The module would then be activated by the administrator for a particular customer.

Through the platform's administrative control console, Marco maintains complete control over all user accounts, with the ability to ass, edit, suspend and delete any account, control which machines each customer is allowed to view and use, and view detailed user statistics in it's ongoing effort to improve quality of service.

Building a Training Module: The creation of each training module for each machine is a multimedia project in itself. The first step is to compose a script which would address in great detail each of the areas to be covered in the multi-movie training module. We then spent one to two full days on site at Marco, photographing a step by step demonstration of every feature of the machine and it's proper use, and the exact steps and the accompanying displays and settings on the machine involved in properly completing diagnostic vision tests - a visual instruction manual. The next step was to produce the audio instructions that would be used to create each training movie. With all of the necessary images, the completed audio segments, we would begin multimedia development and create a series of movies. The final product was a series of five to fifteen minute movies that would fully explain each part of the equipment and how to use each feature of the machine to perform a variety of vision diagnostic tests.

The Result: Marco is now able to offer it's customer base online training with for its equipment. Customers can login whenever they have time for detailed training on the care and use of their equipment. This has saved MARCO thousands of dollars in training costs and has dramatically improved customer product training.

Key Features:

  • "Responsive" Design - The Marco Training Center works on all devices and with all browsers
  • Filly Animated Movies
  • Secure Member Database and login functionality
  • SSL for security
  • GUI Management Console

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