Brochure Web Site Pricing Tool
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Brochure Web Site Pricing Tool

Ready to estimate the cost of your new web site! We've made it real easy to calculate the cost of web design with us with this interactive pricing tool. Simply read the descriptions / instructions on the left of each tab, and then make your selections. You can even go back to previous selections and adjust them to adjust the cost of your project. Keep these important points in mind as you price your project:

  • This tool is for small to mid-sized companies who are interested in a new web site.
  • This tool is for "Static or Non-Interactive" or "Static Brochure" web sites.
  • It is not for e-commerce web sites.
  • It is not for web sites with administrative controls.
  • It is not for database or data-driven web sites.
  • It is not for web sites with interactive features.

For information on the design and development of interactive e-commerce web sites or feature rich web applications other than brochure web sites, please contact us!

If you have any questions or would like us to walk you through estimating the cost of your web site with this tool, please feel free to give us a call, (904) 482-0246. We'll be happy to answer any question and help you quote your own project. We hope you find our pricing tool helpful and informative and look forward to speaking with you.

① Select the number of pages you would like to have in your web site

The first thing you'll need to determine is how many pages your web site will require. This pricing tool bases much of the over all estimated costs on the number of pages. You may find it helpful to plan your site with paper & pen and consider what you would like to present in your web site, and how you would like it organized before making this choice. However, you can come back to this tab or any other tab for that matter, and adjust as necessary. So let's get started. Select a number of pages from the drop down menu to the right. Note that the estimated "Your Estimated Total Price" price changes as you make your selections on each tab.

② Full "On-Site" Search Engine Optimization

This is the most important step in creating a high performance web site. We highly recommend selecting "Yes" in this step. Choosing yes will allow our SEO experts to perform all SEO Best Practices before and during the construction of your new web site. These practices are performed before any work begins where in research and planning, your new site’s key words will be chosen and strategically assigned for maximum performance. During development, your new site's code and page content will also be fully optimized (even if you write it). As your new web site nears completion, our SEO experts will review and proof your entire web site overall to assure that all "Best Practices" have been addressed and your site is prepared for maximum performance.

Sorry we could not be more detailed here. If you would like to learn more about how we assure high performance with SEO, feel free to give us a call: (904) 482-0246.

Full "On-Site" Search Engine Optimization Total: $0.00

③ Content Development – Text, Photos and Graphics

Most of our clients have no interest in composing all of the text content that is required to create a successful web site. Rather, they like to explain what they would like to present on the pages of their web site. We then take that information and compose the necessary (optimized) text. All text is arranged in the design phase of your project and you are able to proof it and we will make any needed adjustments. However, if you prefer to compose your text content, you can reduce your costs in this step. If you provide all of the images and other graphics you wish to use, you can save even more!

Do you want to compose all of the text content, provide all of the images, and all of the supporting graphics like logos, banners, etc? Or would you prefer that we do this for you and give you a chance to proof and approve it?

Content Development – Text, Photos and Graphics Total: $0.00

④ Custom Web Site Graphic Design (Still or Static Graphics)

The cost of Custom Web Site Graphic Design is based on the number of pages you selected in step 1. You can adjust the cost of this step by adjusting the number of pages you would like to have in your web site.

In creating your custom graphics, our designers will consult with you about your color preferences, other web sites you like, how the navigation will work and a host of other aspects that will be addressed in your web site’s design.

Custom Brochure Web SIte Graphic Design Total: $0.00

⑤ Custom Web Site Graphic Design (Animated Intro or Header)

Often our clients prefer some type of animated introduction, usually at the top of their home page. This can make a site more captivating and communicate any marketing messages you might like to present in an interesting way.

If you would like to enhance your new web site’s message with an animated heading, we offer three levels to choose from:
Transition: Up to 4 images, with text descriptions or promo messages that elegantly transition every 3 seconds. The forth image loops back to the first image and begins again.

Animated Logo: The same as the transition level above with additional animation applied to your logo, slide in, fade in, etc.

Extensive Animation: You will work with the designers who will compose a fully animated graphic introduction of 4 slides with extensive animation. (Some restrictions apply)
If this is a feature you would like to include in your estimate, select one option to the right. If you are not interested in an animated introduction, do not make a selection and simply proceed by clicking on the "Photo Galleries”"tab below to continue.
Animated logo
Extensive animation

Custom Brochure Web SIte Graphic Design Total: $0.00

⑥ Photo Gallery

If you are interested in presenting a number of examples of your work or your products, you might be interested in doing so with a photo gallery. We offer three levels of photo galleries due to the time required to prepare a thumbnail for the galley itself, and a larger image for visitors to inspect more closely. Select the gallery to the right with the number of images you feel is appropriate for your needs.
Photo Gallery up to 12 Images
Photo Gallery up to 36 Images
Photo Gallery up to 72 Images

Photo Gallery Total: $0.00

⑦ Programming

Programming is a necessary step in creating your new web site. Programming involves converting your newly created custom graphics to a working web site and all necessary controlling elements that make your web site work in all browsers while maintaining its appearance properly. The figure displayed to the right is based on the number of pages you selected in the first step. To adjust this figure you will need to go back and adjust the number of pages you selected.

Programming Total: $0.00

⑧ Final Stage Setup & Configuration

In order to launch your new web site, we will need to make various technical adjustments to your domain name, or help you purchase one, e-mail setup and possibly other necessary support based on your particular requirements. Select the support topics you think you may need assistance with to the right. We will clarify your requirements after discussing your project with you if you request a formal quote.
Domain Transfer
DNS Adjusting
Email Setup (up to 20 mailboxes)
Server COnfiguration
SSL Setup

Final Stage Setup & Configuration Total: $0.00

Your Estimated Total Price is: $0.00
Important! Please understand that this is an estimate. Most of the time it does become the total fixed cost after discussing the project in detail. However, your estimate may require a minor adjustment that can affect a lower or higher fixed cost. As it is in our interest to retain you as a new client, we will make every effort to help you achieve your goals at the lowest possible cost.

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