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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, content is key; all of the images and text on your pages. The goal for our team of Search Engine Optimization specialists is to effectively communicate your message to your target audience while providing highly-optimized content for the search engines to find and recognize as valuable content. There are several aspects of developing optimized content. Here are a few of the more important areas.

Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization

The Meta Data of a web site is the elements that not only instruct search engines on how to use your web site, but it also lets the search engine know exactly what your pages are about. This Meta Data is arguably some of the most important attributes of your site with respect to Search Engine Optimization. Among some of the other Meta Tags, the Title tag, Description tag and Keywords tag (which we affectionately refer to as our TDK) offers search engines a glimpse into what your web site is about before actually ?crawling? the web site and is widely thought to be weighted very heavy in the ranking rules (algorithms) used by the search engines.

When BoomClient performs SEO for your web site, we begin by thoroughly researching and identifying the most valuable keywords of your business and industry. Once the keywords and phrases are identified, we create properly formatted and optimized Meta Tags with these keywords and key phrases.

Header Tags for SEO

As we?ve said before, we optimize almost every aspect of every page in your web site as a part of our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing programs. Almost every element on your web pages can affect how well your site will rank.

The Header Tags, (html code that differentiates regular text typically from Paragraph heading and titles) of your web site serve as content guides for the search engines. Header Tags tell them that this is important text. A properly optimized Header Tag is also thought to be weighted significantly by the search engines.

Keyword Density without Overdoing It

Keywords! Keywords! Keywords! It is so important not to over-saturate your web content with keywords or key phrases. There are some search engine companies out there that promise to give you the highest position in search engine results and spam your page with keywords in the process. Now yes, this may cause your site to exponentially raise in the rankings results, BUT it will result in being punished with poor rankings once the site is further evaluated by the search engines. Continual spamming in this way can result in being banned entirely for employing "Black Hat" optimization techniques. Search engines view activities like this as trying to trick them. And they respond fiercely.

Keyword-rich Copy Development

Our goal is to not only develop relevant and quality copy that makes sense to search engines but to also create copy that makes sense to humans as well. By utilizing the developing properly constructed and optimized meta tags, keyword density within text content, and linking, along with many other SEO elements, we are able to create that balance for all consuming audiences that works very well for robots and humans alike.


When an SEO company sells you on links and link building, beware of what they are really trying to sell you.

Inner-linking offers improved navigation and ease of use for your visitors and also allows the search engines to quickly find pages and index your more of your web site faster. Inner-Linking all of your pages when done properly (and there is a wrong or less productive way to do this) is a very important aspect of SEO. We work carefully to Inner-Link your entire web site. It help us move faster in improving your rankings because it helps the search engines quickly find changes and adjustments we are regularly making. And they appreciate it, as we have verified that a site that is well Inner-Linked will achieve higher rankings.

Link Exchange, Link Farms and Reciprocal Links and just plain old links, Are all ways to build awareness and the perceived value of your web site, BUT, there are many dangers when it comes to link building, and these are major road hazards that you should be aware of. Here are just a few cautions: Do not exchange links with a site that is not "related" in any way to your site. Avoid links from site with a low Google Page Rank. This includes sites and directories.

The rule to follow is to exchanging links with a company who has a powerful web site or that you share similar interests or products with. This will help search engines see you as an authority on a subject or product. Simply exchanging links with any web site that is not in any way related to what your web site is about has no value to search engines and they can see right through it. Additionally be cautious as any web site that is home to potentially harmful or full of less than desirable content can be seriously detrimental to your rankings and site.

Of course there are many other aspects to developing quality content that the search engines will reward you for but these are a few of the main concerns. The learn more about how we can help your web site achieve the rankings we all want, speak to one of our experts about a well planned SEO strategy for your web site.

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