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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Overview

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing: What Does It All Mean?

In a nutshell: Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (also known as SEM) are custom strategies implemented by your SEO/SEM provider that seek to increase the visibility of your web site through organic listings (SEO), or paid listings (SEM) within "Search Engine Result Pages" (also known as SERPs).

Search Engine Optimization is best employed as a strategy that produces natural/organic results in the leading search engines. Optimizing a web site in an attempt to make that web site rank as high as possible in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines is accomplish by implementing strategic SEO techniques to almost every aspect of a web site. Some of these techniques include but are not limited to the proper use of keywords, Meta Tags, Text content, link building, image, photo and graphic tags, page file name optimization, and much, much more. Organic SEO is the "free" way of marketing your web site and increasing your visibility in the search engine organic results.

Search Engine Marketing is the marketing counterpart of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is the practice of increasing a web site's visibility via the use of paid advertising, targeted and contextual advertising, social media marketing, e-mail marketing strategies, and cell phone and mobile advertising, just to name a few. It is the Internet version of print, newspaper and billboard advertising. And as such you pay for your ad to appear. And like car counts determine the price of advertising on a particular billboard, and the number of subscribers or circulation affects the price of a newspaper ad, "Total Visits" to a web page or web site, or group of sites is used to determine the price of an internet banner or island ad.

SEO and SEM is used by businesses to achieve the top spots in search engine results for specific key phrases. The objective is to be found high in the rankings by their target audience when their target audience performs a search using those specific key phrases.


Search Engine Optimization by BoomClient

It has become incredibly common for web design and SEO companies to claim that they can make your web site "#1 in Google", or better yet "#1 in the Search Engines". Frankly, this is a ridiculous statement. Anyone who knows how professional SEO services produce results is appalled by this comment. First, it is unqualified. #1 for what key phrase? Searches are performed by searching with key phrases right. And secondly, no one can guarantee a particular rank in Google or any other search engine, not even BoomClient. It is virtually impossible to calculate or anticipate exactly how the search engines will evaluate any web site from day to day. Search engines are highly sophisticated and they are constantly updating and changing their algorithms to prevent any one company or web site from learning how to manipulate the rankings. Google for one makes minor adjustments to how they index, evaluate and rank web sites regularly to assure that they are returning the best possible search results.

Our SEO experts focus is on the golden rules of proper SEO; Create a great web site that is packed full of useful, valuable and informative information. Make it interesting with images and other graphic enhancements, make it easy to navigate and find the information you are looking for. Make it friendly to the search engines, and follow their instructions about how to communicate with them. and properly use key phrases to effectively tell each of the search engines what each page of your web site is about.


There is no SEO or SEM "Silver Bullet"

Claims about one magic thing you can do to optimize a web site that will make it #1 in Google will never be more than that, A Claim! But there are ethical and strategic SEO and SEM techniques and strategies used to gain top search engine rankings. At BoomClient, our SEO Experts have consistently demonstrated our ability to achieve better than average rankings for our intensive Search Engine Optimization clients, as well as basic SEO clients. And as a result, they have substantially increased the amount of business they do through their web sites.


Our Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

What BoomClient does guarantee is a highly-customized and ethical approach to SEO that dramatically increases your web site visibility and rankings within today's top Internet search engines. Your company is unique, therefore your SEO / SEM Strategy should also be unique.

As part of our custom Search Engine Optimization services, we provide many commonly known practices of SEO - as well as many of our own including but not limited to:

  • Current Site Analysis
  • Optimal Site Development
  • Keyword and Key Phrase Analysis
  • Content and Copy Analysis
  • Optimized Content and Copy Development
  • Utilization of several SEO-approved software programs and tools
  • Link Analysis and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-per-click Analysis and Campaigns
  • Unlimited web based Access to Web Site's Visitor Statistics
  • A Dedicated Search Engine Optimization Specialist who will take responsibility for the optimization of your web site and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your web site itself our our SEO / SEM efforts
  • Quarterly Executive Reviews with your dedicated SEO Specialist to review current standings and discuss additional SEO efforts

If you are interested in learning more about the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services at BoomClient, we would like to hear from you! Learning about your products and services, and how you differentiate your business from your competitors first-hand is the best way for us to understand your goals and exactly what you are looking to accomplish through a professional SEO strategy.

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