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Customer | Member Portal Web Design

What is a "Web Portal" or "Internet Portal", and how can it improve my web site?

Simply put, a "Web Portal" or "Internet Portal" is either a portion of a web site or an entire web site that is password protected and set up for a specific purpose usually for a specific group of users. Web portals are used for many different purposes and can provide a variety of services to users - those who have been given access, that were traditionally provided over the phone, by mail, or email. What once required man hours, additional staff, and additional expense, can now be provided via a customer or member web portal, and give your users immediate access to the support and information they need by simply logging in to your web portal. Below are a few common examples:

  • Educational institutions and Universities use web portals for online or remote education, sometimes called distance learning. Teachers and administrators use a web portal to coordinate, maintain calendars and log student progress and grades.
  • Clubs and Organizations use web portals for members only, to maintain member accounts and collect dues, post members only activities, gatherings and parties.
  • Businesses and corporations commonly use web portals to communicate and help manage employee human resource information and document control, track employee paid time off, and to post internal notices for employees.
  • Businesses and corporations also use portals for a premier level of service to their customers. It is common for businesses to provide customer web portals for paying bills, ordering services and products, online customer care and technical support, and a myriad of other possible online services.

Improve your level of service and support to your customers with an Interactive Web Portal. Share information online, make account information available securely on an account by account basis, communicate with all of your customers or members privately, and more. The possibilities are extensive! Of you would like to discuss how a web site portal can help you do more business online and better serve your customers, members, or employees, be sure to call us. Our consultations are free and we have years of experience that will help you assemble the features and functionality the best suite your particular needs.


Customer | Member Portal Web Design Case Study

Southern Specialty Underwriters
Secure Agent Center Portal

Web Site Portal Design in JacksonvilleSouthern Specialty Underwriters is Commercial and Personal Insurance Underwriter in Macon, Georgia. They support insurance agents in the Southeast by underwriting a variety of different types of insurance policies.

Their Request: Southern Specialty Underwriters asked us to redesign their web site and include in the new web site a way that they could privately provide detailed information to their agents. They wanted to provide information about different types of insurance they have available. They also wanted to provide online quotes for insurance policies offered by a variety of different carriers. And finally, they needed to be able to control agent access to this information by creating accounts for each agent and providing access via username and password. All visitors to the site would have access to the areas of the site that describe the services and products they provide, but only the agents would have access to the detailed policy information, downloadable documents and online quoting tools available that would be available in the secure agent center.

Our Solution: We created an attractive, professional web site. All visitors to the site have access to the public areas of the site that describe the services and types of insurance they underwrite, but only the agents would have access to the detailed coverage information, downloadable documents and online quoting tools available in the agent center.

The Result: Southern Specialty Insurance has increased the amount of business with they do through their agents as a result of the new "Agent Center". The site is also attracting more new agents interested in their services. With the information available in the agent center, they have improved support for their agents, and because of the online instant quoting tools, their agents are able to receive quotes faster and with less direct assistance from the staff of Southern Specialty Insurance.

Key Features:

  • Agent User Accounts with secure login functionality
  • Integration with Insurance Carrier Quick Quote Systems
  • GUI Agent Account Management
  • GUI Downloadable Document Management

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Do you have a similar requirement?

If you are interested in developing a web site to support your membership, group or customer base we can help. Contact us to discuss your requirements: Jacksonville (904) 482-0246 | Toll Free (800) 541-8638. We look forward to hearing from you.


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