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Web Site Analytics,
A Very Important Aspect of Search Engine Optimization

Let's be completely honest with ourselves... Business owners who is paying for search engine optimization services are doing so to get results, not a bump up in rankings, or a bunch of "we're getting there" reporting, but real results that they measure the old fashioned way; by the number of new customers, and increases in sales. It's that simple.

Now that we have acknowledges what you want. Let's talk about how we monitor and manage our SEO activities with web site visitor traffic stats and web site analyzation tools to assure that we are delivering the results you need.

The tools we use allow us to peer into the how your web site visitors are responding to your web site's content. We of course monitor your search engine rankings because that is what is primarily responsible for getting visitors to your web site in the first place. But we want to see what your visitors are doing so we also focus on what pages they are intering through, how long they are staying on each respective page, and what pages they are leaving from. These bits of information about your visitors and how they are interacting with your web site, along with mountains of other stats and data, help us determin exactly what SEO offerts should be made, and the order of priority.

Most of our client's appreciate our reviews of this information during our regular executive reviews with them, but we don't usually send our clients a bunch of stats and reports all the time. We do however our SEO clients how to take a quick look at what is important in their Google Analytics and the web site performance statistics that we provide free with our web hosting services. This allows each of our clients to see real time visitor stats as often or as seldom as they choose.


Search Engine Rankings Reports

Search Engine Rankings are clearly the most important aspect of SEO to our Clients. They all want to make sure our efforts are resulting in high search engine rankings. Because of this, we provide regular reports that show their rankings for each of their primary key phrases. But we do not use automated software to run these reports. We create them by manually testing each key phrase in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yes it takes a long time to do this. But we gain insite that automated software cannot provide... Competitive information! When we manually test key phrases, we also see how your competitors rank, who is consistently competing and who is not. And with this knowledge, we analyze the SEO strategies of your top competitor's web sites. You can learn a lot by keeping a close eye on your competition. And when you combine this competitive knowledge with what we learn from your web site stats and data we collect and monitor from your web site's performance, and our experience with SEO, good things happen.


Web Site Analytics Tools

Unlimited Access to Site Analytics Reports and Statistics

Most web sites that we are asked to "Fix" sothat they can begin to perform well in the search engines were either created without any regard to SEO or the Search Engine Optimization that was applied was done so incorrectly. Because of this, we must first find out what is broken. The first thing we do when beginning SEO services for a new client is identify their top key phrases. Next we test their rankings for those phrases. Then we examin any available historical performance stats they may have been collecting, and lastly test the site for code errors, broken links and a variety of other issues that can cost rankings and frustrate visitors.

With a very clear understanding of the current condition of the web site, we are able to formulate a strategy to correct all of the web site's issues and position it to begin to be a productive marketing tool it is supposed to be. And one of the main first steps is to set up log file analyzing software that allows us to monitor the following important areas of performance:

  • Total Uniques Visitors and Total Visits: We monitor total visitor traffic for trends up and down.
  • Search Engine Robot and Spider visits: We need to know how often the search engines are visiting and reindexing your web site's pages.
  • Visit Duration Statistics: We need to know how long your visitors are staying on your site so that we can work to increase how long visitors stay and reduce "Bounce Rates" (how fast your visitors leave).
  • Downloads: We need to know if the information you are making available is being used by your visitors.
  • Page Visit Data: We monitor how often each of your pages were visited, how long the visitor stayed on the page, did the visitor enter your site or leave your site from that page.
  • Search Engines: We monitor which search engine account for what percentage of your traffic. This allows us to focus on the search engines that matter.
  • Browsers: We monitor what devices are being used to view your web site
  • Connected to From: We monitor from where or what web site your visitors are coming from.
  • Key Phrases: We monitor what key phrases are actually being used to find your web site


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is enormasly informative in analyzing a web site's performance, and has proven to be a very effective tool for our Search Engine Optimization specialist as it gives us a glimpse into what Google is looking for. In addition to the extensive data that Google Analytics provides, it is also completely free! Google also provides several other methods of support to web masters which we pay close attention to.


Web Site Testing Software

We also use a variety of testing software to periodically test the web sites we are providing Intensive SEo Services for. The Internet is a constantly changing environment and we test web sites for current browser compatability, updates to various types of code, broken links and many other potential issues that could deminish ranking and frustrate your visitors with broken or malfunctioning code.

Please give us a call of you have specific questions about our Search Engine Optimization Services, we would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and provide any information you might need. And thank you again for visiting!

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